25 June 2006

You know what this is?

My store, that's what it is.

Seriously. I get to be in charge of it and everything.



Congrats, dude. :)
eyyyyyyyy thangoo

Now, what's the easiest way of lining existing employees up to decide who goes and who stays?

Is it better to do it by height or by eye color or some formula based around their date of birth and drivers license number?
Fire them all. All of them.

Walk through the store.. no, wait. Stand astride a table in the middle of the store when busy and, with a voice drenched in disdain and loathing, declare "You're all fired!"

Then invite each of them to beg.

Just a thought.
an Ultimate Fighting Champion style competition to elimate those not worthy. You could see tickets for charity and look like a hero. The losers could cover that Starbucks track by The band, A.

And never be afraid to lower yourself to accepting bribes or 'gifts'. All the best politians do.
great topic, keep up the great posts, MMA
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