09 June 2006

It's not whether you win or lose...

...it's whether the Germans and Argies lose.

Okay, for those of you who either don't know us or have been in the dark, under a rock, at the bottom of a cave...on Neptune...today is the start of the World Cup Finals in Germany.

In the opening game the hosts will take on Costa Rica, and we reckon it'll be a walk in the platz for the sausage-loving, ski-trip-taking, bierfestival-having, neighbor-invading nazi apologists (what?!? which part of that is untrue?). We predict a 3-1 Germany win.

And Poland look unlikely to offer any solidarinost to Ecuador, so we think that will turn out 1-0 to the Poles.

Eventual Winner Prediction: France
Runner Up: England (No, seriously)

Golden Boot Winner: Thierry Henry, Peter Crouch (No, seriously)

Cinderellas: There won't be one, but T&T v Brazil in the next round looks a good bet; and look to POrtugal stumbling against Angola.

Biggest Win: BRAZIL v Australia (by at least five goals)

So there you have it. We'll update this properly, but the game's kicking off any second...

Argies... short for Argonath, mayhaps? A nickname for Gondor, or perhaps even more crafty, for Numenor itself? Didn't even know they were playing, most peculiar. It's nice to know the World Cup doesn't even include nations from several Ages ago.
FRANCE?! I mean, that's to say... "FRANCE?!"
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