25 March 2006

Dude, they're letting me stay...

So after all of the waiting and putting together paperwork and sending money and waiting and sending money and paperwork and waiting for paperwork so we could send more money for paperwork...it's here.

You give me a drumroll and I'll give you the news that the much anticipated and paid for green card has finally arrived. The one that lets me stay, that is. Not this one.

And, because I'm very smart, and have honed my anticipation skills beyond those of a monk who just decided that a life of monk-ing was no good and he was going to get his oats, I know that you have questions. The answers are: no, yes, yes, five more years, yes.

Am I a US Citizen, then?
But I can stay in the US for as long as I want now?
Can I leave and come back in if I want?
When will I become a citizen?
Do you think you're going to take a UK holiday in the next couple of years?

Also, since we both now can leave and re-enter the US *at will*, we plan to take advantage of our friendseseses generosity and visit many of them in far flung places all around the world.

See you soon.

If you've not died from the shock of me blogging twice in a little over a week. Seriously.

I went to Amble the other day for a little jaunt. It has gotten huuge. There are new estates springing up everywhere. Does that mean more people are moving there??? Did we miss summat? And the asking price for our old house would now be approx £175.000! And Anna's is a nail salon. (the ones on the end of your fingers that is)
The fish and chips are awful tho. Best place is definately North Shields. (in the North East, anyway. I can't comment for anywhere else before I get bombarded with 'we have the the best fish and chips' claims. (phew)
Well, well, well. Well done. Done. Well. Well, well.

Am mighty pleased/ relieved/ downright chuffed on your behalf. I know it's been a hard slog. Now, just a shame you won't be able to vote that arsehole out of the Oval Office. But how exciting that you can vote out the next one? D'oh!

Kisses etc.
Congrats! Does that mean you are coming to Japan then?
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