06 February 2006

superbowl extra large

this year's superbowl food. nothing interesting for dessert, I'm afraid, just fresh strawberries.

the ribs were excellent with a 2004 cab from Chile.

nice to see Hines Ward (former Georgia player) do so well. boy do I wish the Falcons had signed him.

Hines Ward was impressive, yes, but it doesn't change the fact that the game was rigged. I've never seen NFL officials make so many grotesquely bad calls. Roethlisberger didn't score and Jackson didn't push off on his TD score. I made it a 17-14 Seattle win.

Btw, tried calling Dunc during half-time to say hi to you both. As I just got his machine, hi! ;)
that's funny--we almost called you at halftime too. hi :)

you've seen some of the press about Roethlisberger admitting he doesn't think he was over the line? sure, it's easy to say that now...
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