20 February 2006

summing up

we've been occupied rather completely lately with the working and the cooking and the family and the football and the ps2 and the rearranging furniture and the lists and so on.

family:we celebrated my father's birthday last weekend; it was his sixtieth, which is a bit worrying, but there's not much I can do about it. fabulous dinner at Sugo Thursday night, then a trip to the shiny new Georgia Aquarium Sunday afternoon. the aquarium was not as overhyped as I'd feared; there has been a lot of press about it around here and it seemed unlikely that it would measure up. the huge habitat, which contains the only two whale sharks in captivity in the western hemisphere, is entrancing. perhaps more marine-biology-minded folks would be less boggled than I was when I realized just how much water, and how many different species it contains. I'd like to go back when there's fewer children around, do the behind-the-scenes tour, take some better pictures, etc.

football: yay Liverpool. I could write a review on every match and/or player, but I won't. in general, I'm pretty pleased with our recent results; we still desperately need a more effective front line. at this point, I'm sure that will require a personnel change, but since that's not an option right now, I'm hopeful that the upcoming World Cup will motivate our strikers to find whatever finishing touch they're lacking right now.

nice round of FA Cup matches this weekend; I quite enjoyed most of those results, even if some of us in this house didn't. (get in, City!!)

working: work is too boring to get into details, but we're both busier than usual. Dunc is caretaker-managering a store for a month or so, and, as usual when he gets called in, it was pretty much a big mess when he got there. he is now v. busy and important and I am lucky if we get to do more than eat and watch the telly together a couple times a week. poor me (except not, because I have lots of lovely books to read, a new teapot, and a new bottle of single malt to keep me company).


as is usual, I forgot all the vaguely interesting things I was going to write about as soon as I opened the laptop. except the thing about the game for the awards show, but I'll post about that later.

Please wish Ray a belated happy birthday for me. Tell him 60 isn't all that bad, according to my folks. And I'll be sure to come and see the fish with you now I'm happy no one will attempt to save me. ;)
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