19 October 2005

no, there is too much, let me sum up.

our trip to the Georgia coast was a little more rain-soaked than we'd planned. Tammy didn't give us much of a chance for the ramble through the historic district that I'd hoped for, but we did manage to:

other highlights of Ben's visit (for me) included a late night of wine and cheese and bread and good conversation with Meggie when she came over after class, a whirlwind trip to the lake, the Wererabbit, two trips to my new favorite sandwich shop, Dad taking us all to see Serenity, sorting out the venues for the World Cup in 2018 (really, FIFA should just let us run things), a delightful (and mostly productive) afternoon of shopping for very large running shoes and other goods.

come back soon, Benny. sorry about the CNN Tour, we'll hit it next time.

Sounds fabulous.....wish I coulda tagged along.
me too me too! you would have had fun :) and you could have helped me explain to Ben that those were REAL pralines!
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