27 September 2005

mission adjourned, for the time beating

it's autumn again, which means it's time for the biennial (or Bennial, if you will) migration of our friends and family. for some reason, other than the occasional weekend or overnight visit, and excepting our weekly roommate/guest, we tend to play host only in the fall.

this year it was Dunc's parents for two weeks, slightly overlapping Kevin Smith's stand-in, who was here for ten days and just left yesterday. next Monday it will be everyone's favorite BBC journalist for about a week and a half.

I guess it was a good enough visit with the parental units, but I only saw them for a day at the start of their holiday, and a day at the end. they spent the whole time at various cabins in the mountains, which was probably much more relaxing than two weeks of sightseeing and entertainments. Dunc was able to spend a couple days up north with them, where his mother cooked him eggs and bacon and beans for breakfast when he said he wasn't hungry enough for cornflakes.

I wish I'd had a little more time off while Jim was here, but we still managed to fit in several movies and some quality PS2 time, as well as a too-brief trip to the lake and a picnic at a winery nearby. Mmmm, grilled sausages and a cheese roundabout, what more could you want at a picnic?

Haiku-esque creations in honor of this past week:

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
Harold and Kumar--
hilarious. Doogie did
coke lines off girl's ass.

Revenge of the Sith
I stand above you
on the hill, which means I have
higher ground. I win!

Transporter 2
Improbable stunts.
Caricature villain. So
funny anyway.

Good matinee, but
maybe do not let
Jason S. talk. Thanks.

Batman Begins
A most excellent
addition to a checkered
catalogue. Good job!

Great plan: Michael Caine
as Alfred. Chris Nolan should
have done last three films.

Garden State
Conundrum! Can a
film be both hip and good si-

when your hero goes
and sticks his hands in melons,
you've just jumped the shark.

on bats, i must agree.
though still, how can you not have
seen the first? crazy!

of one thing we can
be certain, though; more films need
villainous raccoons.
Transporter 2:

Yes, indeed. Props for the most patently ridiculous car chase yet. And, yes, Jason Statham most definitely best for the lookin' at, not the talky-talky. Except for Snatch- "It's an unlicensed boxin' match, Tommy, not a ticklin' competition. These lad are out to hurt eachother."

Garden State:

Best romantic comedy, (and I make that distinction with reluctance, as I hate to sully this brilliant film with all that category traditionally entails.) within recent memory, period. Except Eternal Sunshine might be a close second if we're counting that too. Which is a bit like comparing apples and oranges, but I like to be thorough.

Batman Begins:

Hwaa?! Chris Nolan? How did I not hear that he directed this? (Satan is having Katie Holmes' soul matted and framed for his office wall, for sure.) But I'm afraid I'd just be sitting there wishing I was watching Memento instead. (Eternal conundrum: Who's prettier, Guy Pearce or Christian Bale?)
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