07 September 2005

"All we are, basically, are monkeys with car keys."

- Grandma Woody, from Northern Exposure

Duncan had a rough re-introduction to Atlanta drivers two weeks ago when a guy in a large SUV changed lanes into the car he was driving. Unfortunately, there was someone else on the other side of him, and he couldn't move out of the way because there was no where to go. The car (my '96 Miata) got spun around and then smacked again by a delivery truck. He's fine. The car isn't.

After a couple weeks of waiting for the insurance to decide the car was a total loss, we finally got the payoff check yesterday. Twenty-four hours and lots of frantic car-shopping and loan check acquiring later, we have a new addition to our household. We are as relieved that the ordeal is over as we are pleased by our new purchase.

This is without a doubt the cleanest car I've ever seen in my life. You could run your finger over any piece of the engine or anywhere under the hood, and it would come out spotless. It was a little more than we wanted to spend, but it was too beautiful a car to pass up, and the price really was reasonable considering all the work the previous owner had just done on it. More pictures available here. It's a 2000, all original equipment except for the wheels and a K&N air induction system. Not only does it drive like a dream, but it gets 33mpg. Performance AND fuel savings, what more can you ask for? (And don't say "a back seat", we have Dunc's car for that.)

No name for it yet, since I tend not to name my cars, but maybe something will gel. I'll be getting a personalized license plate for it. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait a couple months for it to get here. By then, Liverpool will probably have mediocritized themselves out of the Champions League, and I will not be nearly so smug about it.

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nothing personal, Caroline, but that's probably something best taken up directly with Dunc. feel free to email him.
She's a beaut. Congratulations! Isn't it silly how attached we Yanks get to our cars? I don't know what I would do without my precious Lola. (My dinky 4 cylinder Saturn. Not so great in the snow, but awesome gas mileage.)
we *do* like our wheels over here, don't we? :)

I hear ya about the gas mileage. dunno where in the States you are, but gas is still 2.79/gal here (shush, you Brits, I know it's worse over there, that's not the point).
Thank your lucky stars! Averaging 3.00/gal up in Michigan. There's something sick and wrong with the state of the world when 20 bucks doesn't fill my car up. Time to dust off the old bicycle, I think. Or look into acquiring hot air balloon.
Just wanted to add my ha'peth of misery to remind everyone that oil reserves on this planet will be exhausted within fifty years. Enjoy your cars, but be sure to be ready for the inevitable gas-riots in 2025.
Ahh... thanks for that dose of sunshine, Jorj. We can always count on you, can't we? And hey! Aren't you supposed to be somewhere updating something? Put down the Kafka and get to work! (Dance, monkey, Dance! You were missing a random online harpy in your life, right?)
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