10 August 2005

the first day of the rest of your life

Nothing like dreams of an ex to start off the first day of your 33rd year on the planet.

In my dream, I was trying to talk to M about something, but he was being difficult so I had to trick him into talking to me at all. It was something important, but he was being distant with me for some reason that I knew in my dream, but I don't remember now. Probably he was pissed that I was seeing someone else.

Then later he and I and a few other people we knew were working at a resort that some group had rented to use for paramilitary simulations, so we kept coming across people pretending to be dead while we doing our daily work. There was also something about how the group would let us join them if we "proved our worth". Then one of the simulation guns turned out to be a real gun and some of the bodies really were corpses and it all started getting very bad-late-night-cable-movie (no, not the naked people kind) and then I woke up.

The dream's details are already escaping me, but the resort had, as a pet, a big cat. When I say big cat, I mean a Big Cat, at least sixty pounds, mountain-lion-esque. It was fluffy, like Percy, but with a mottled brown and orange coat. I remember it lying nearby, the tip of its tail twitching, when we discovered the first dead body.

M always used to try to get us to feed Wenna several times a day because, he said, "If you feed her more, she'll grow up to be as big as a bobcat". We didn't, of course, but she very quickly figured out he would feed her anytime he came over.

My conclusions from this dream are:
  1. Be careful about overfeeding the cat.
  2. Stop playing PS2 games that involve guns and military-type situations if you can't handle the stress.
  3. Don't watch so many suspense/horror type movies that you can't have a nice dream about a resort. I mean, really, if you're going to dream about a resort it should involve relaxing and fabulous food and drink and good times, not stealth and dark clothing and laser rifle sights.

    And, probably the most important lesson that we learn from this:

  4. When guys are difficult, just trick them to get them to do what you want.

Happy Birthday! I've been meaning to tell you that on the chat for days now and have forgotten.

Interesting dream...I think you drew the proper conclusions though. I know when I dream about City of Heroes that I've been playing way too much. *grin*

Well, Happy Birthday!

How crap am I?
not crap at all, since you're asking.

last year my mother didn't even remember it was my birthday at all--and if you know my family you know I talk to my parents at least once a week as the norm.

this year, though, she bought me cheese. I think she felt guilty about last year.
Cheese, eh? She knows you, that's for sure.
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