24 July 2005

recovery time

we got back from the marathon-drive-with-whole-family-to-new-york-for-my-cousin's-wedding around 2am Monday morning. it took us until about Thursday night to get back into the rhythm of our normal life.

it didn't help that we both started the trip with an all-nighter Wednesday night catching up on work and house things--oh, and packing--before we left the house at 6am (also not helpful was the inevitable fight right before we left: inevitable because we were both stressed and exhausted--but making up is always nice). as for the trip itself, my family is still speaking to one another; the wedding was very um, modern Catholic; the reception was lavish; and Saratoga Springs is pretty happening for a tourist town. the drive up, she was long. the drive back, she was longer.

anyway, after a week of fussing about having to go to work and do the dishes and so on, we finally buckled down on Friday afternoon and starting actually doing things again. as a matter of fact, it turned out to be a really productive weekend. my checklist now looks like this:
hell, I feel downright accomplished. the lamb and the floors can wait. I'm going to go have a single malt and read my new book.

**not really. but making vacation plans/reservations for your in-laws (Dunc's parents) is not unlike herding cats, particularly when you're trying to get them to tell you what they actually want to do.

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