16 June 2005

vodka tonic mix

it's summer in Atlanta. which means it's hot and humid. which means I need a drink. a cold refreshing drink. like a vodka tonic with lime. bubbly and bright and tangy. not unlike this mix.

  1. ben lee - catch my disease
  2. franz ferdinand - auf achse
  3. a-ha - the sun always shines on tv
  4. hot hot heat - middle of nowhere
  5. elvis costello - oliver's army
  6. dum-dums - you do something to me
  7. the killers - smile like you mean it
  8. teenage fanclub covering the pixes - here comes your man
  9. the stars - ageless beauty
  10. the jam - it's too bad
  11. rem - (don't go back to) rockville
  12. dave matthews band - lie in our graves
  13. modest mouse - float on
  14. divine comedy - gin soaked boy
  15. oasis - stay young
  16. travis covering the beatles - here comes the sun
  17. tears for fears - call me mellow
  18. the eels - someone to break the spell
boo yah.

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