26 June 2005


spent today helping a friend/co-worker of Dunc's move. everyone else had bailed on him, poor guy, so the three of us (and Dad's truck) worked our butts off. in the drizzle and eventual rain and later humidity. we now have so much moving karma that it hurts. then we came home and ate french bread with fancy butter and soup and red wine, so that made up for all the calories we burned today.

Dunc updated his resume tonight for a possible upcoming interview (phone interview happened unexpectedly Friday afternoon and went very well) doing the very busy and important things he was doing in Newcastle. with any luck, he'll get the new work permit on Wednesday at his INS appointment, so it'll all be sorted and they can offer him a fabulous job when he only works when the sun is up and we can live like kings in Patagonia.

belated Father's Day celebration Friday night. the two of us had dinner at the Peruvian tapas place with Dad. got a couple good pictures, but mostly we gobbled up the food as fast as they brought it to us. then we met Mom and Kate and went to the Braves game, where we ate lots of cotton candy and wondered why baseball now has cheerleaders. good game, though, and they won (10 wins in their last 13, as of today).

ate a fabulous thing for dinner last night, carmelized apples and a creamy pancake batter in a skillet, finished under the broiler with raw sugar crystals on top. recipe coming soon.

green wing is one of the funnier shows i've ever seen on tv.

that is all.

no, wait, one more thing:


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