15 June 2005

the thing about work is

it gets completely in the way of the hundreds of thousands of things I'd much rather be doing instead. No, there are a lot of things. Really.

Aside from working with (mostly) young hipsters like myself I have found that this week has been much less tedious than has been historically true. And I can only think that the reason for this is that we changed the music in the store. We're playing a mix that includes the Alanis Morrissette Jagged Little Pill Accoustic album, the new Dave Matthews record, a not horrible young country-style bunch of girl-rockers called Antigone Rising and also a few songs by the Finn Brothers, the Decemberists and the Clumsy Lovers. So at least there's good tunes on while I toil.

Or rather, while I "direct" the toil of others. Ha!

That is all. You may go about your business now.

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