22 June 2005

smart vs. not-smart

ways I am smart:
  1. I made our radio thinger work for Ben.
  2. I remembered to start the dishwasher before I left for work.
  3. I figured out where to get good Braves tickets for the sold-out section we wanted for Friday night.
ways I am not smart:
  1. I was changing the 5-gallon water bottle for our water cooler and didn't think it would matter that my fingers were right where the bottle fits into the collar. ow.
  2. I somehow changed the association for .exe files, which meant none of the programs would open on that server. not a single one, not even the registry. whoops. that was four hours of my life I'll never get back.
  3. I forgot to rinse out my half full tea mug. now it's fuzzy and talks back.
  4. I planned to get up at 6am, but didn't bother to change my alarm from 7:45, so of course I didn't wake up early at all.
  5. I hit myself in the lip with the (very) spring-loaded part of a barrette clasp. no blood, just a small welt. sexy.
right now I think the not-smart list is outweighing the smart list by quite a bit. I shall have to be a GENIUS this afternoon.

Just don't change the water bottle naked...trust me.

Damned If I Know
good advice, that.
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