17 June 2005

no sense of urgency

So I'm sitting here, waiting for a call back from the US Postal Service Consumer Affairs Office.
Sounds fancy, no?

The problem is this. Jen and I asked them, a couple of months ago, to forward the mail from our old house to our new house. A simple, everyday, nothing to get your panties in a pickle about, kind of request, no?

Apparently not. After having no luck calling the information center, I escalated the issue to the USPSCAO to see if they could fix it, since I'm waiting for a letter from immigration that I need to take to an interview with me, and failure to have the letter (saying I am actually supposed to be there at all) will result in my not getting an appointment to renew my work permit which is bad, since I've been waiting for that appointment since SEPTEMBER, and may have to wait another nine months to get another one.

Oddly the lady wasn't interested in that and asked if I could "go by my old address to see if there's any mail collected there for me". Let me ask you this: you move in somewhere, you maybe put "Not at this address" or "return to sender" on the first week or so of mail, but after that...? Yes, it goes in the bin. Stupid people not changing their address with the people who send them credit card bills and stuff.

So I suggested that maybe, just maybe, the lady should have called me back a month ago like she said she would. In fact, I shouldn't have had to talk with her at all because the post office should have been forwarding my mail like they promised they would.

I told the lady that her company had broken a promise to me every day for two months and that, since she had taken over dealing with my complaint a month ago, I would be holding her personally responsible when I complain higher up the chain.

Needless to say, she hung up on me and now I'm waiting for her boss to call me back.

Comcast. ComCANT, more like.
We've been having what you would call "issues" with our internet since we moved in here. From simply not having any connectivity to take advantage if the 6Mbps stream, to being lied to by people on the phone, it all seems to have happened this last two months. They have been outside the house, inside the house, back outside and finally fucked off. We haven't had to pay for the service (which they're spectacularly failing to provide) for any day since we moved. That's thanks to my superior negotiating skills, naturally.

So I'm wondering: do I have an over-inflated sense of customer service and responsibility/ownership or does the rapidly growing field of customer service need to hire people with better soft skills?

Discuss. You may use your textbooks.

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