15 June 2005

in which I praise IBM

the acquisition of our company by a German IT consortium has finally been completed and we'd been told that one of our new owners/board members would be in the office today through Friday. "please dress appropriately and make sure your desk is tidy" etc.

so, it made sense that I should get up later than I'd planned, take a longer shower than I meant, and leave the house later than I'd planned (frankly, it was a miracle that I found my board-meeting-black-jacket at all). obviously I would be unable to find my laptop case, even though I swear I saw it yesterday.

and naturally, two major customer things would break while I was on my way in, so that the second half of my journey was spent on my mobile phone (don't worry, I used the speakerphone).

so of course I would drop my laptop onto the concrete surface of the parking deck while simultaneously talking on the phone and fishing in my purse for the access card to get into our building.

and, as you would expect, I dropped it on one of the corners that's the top edge of the screen when it's open. then it bounced sideways and impacted again. my stomach turned over. I've just had this laptop for a few months, and it's been my favorite computer ever since the first week.

I was expecting a crack or two in the screen at best. at worst, a hard drive crash and a spiderweb of cracks in the display.

but, so far, the only evidence of trauma is a few wonky keys, which were happy to snap back into place. I'm running a hard drive check now, but it looks okay.

according to IBM's website, one of the features of this laptop is a shock absorber:

The ThinkPad HDD Shock Absorber helps protect your hard drive and prevent hard drive failure due to operational shock and other common types of shock events. Like an automobile bumper, it absorbs some shocks to help prevent damage — whether the system is turned on or off — and provides up to 30% more protection than the system case alone.

the television commercials aren't kidding. I've seen other laptops take lesser falls (onto carpet from less height) which turned them into expensive doorstops. I didn't mean to field test this feature quite so dramatically, but I'm overjoyed that it did so well.

and after all that excitement, the German(s) won't even be here until tomorrow. scheiße.

a) Hey! New pad. Like what you've done with the place.

b) Is that top provisions link the start of a shopping list for when Englanders svisit?
a) fankoo.

b) no, we just discovered where to buy it here. my stars, that's good butter.
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