19 June 2005

comcast must die

after two months of us complaining, our cable and internet provider has finally realized that there's a problem with the signal as it comes from the street.

um, duh.

the weekend without internet was a nice vacation from the work I usually do on the weekends, even if it was unplanned and will make the coming week busier. we had meant to hit a movie Saturday afternoon, but ended up dealing with the cable company most of the day. instead we spent some time unpacking books (finally) and playing PS2.

on the plus side, we won't be giving the cable company any more money until the fall, at this rate. and at least we ate well:

friday dinner: brie, french bread, grapes, red wine.

saturday: turkey, avocado, swiss sandwiches for lunch. dinner was breaded tilapia, asparagus, rosemary creamed corn, double chocolate brownies.

sunday: lunch was more brownies, but dinner was slightly more elaborate--mediterrean-seasoned lamb, yellow rice, accidental tomato sauce, chilled cream of avocado soup.

and in other news, The Tick is back on tv. SPOON!

That's as maybe, but I can't get that last.fm thing to work. I've signed up, but it only seems to load a bunch of nothing. Advice please!
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